English articles · 20. gennaio 2022
Soluble boilies
How to create professional soluble boilies
English articles · 19. gennaio 2022
More about fast boilies
A simple system to speed up water exchange
English articles · 17. gennaio 2022
Fast boilies
How to make fast boilies
English articles · 14. gennaio 2022
egg test
A simple test to find out how much of each ingredient can be included in the mix
English articles · 12. gennaio 2022
Tiger nuts VS boilies
Is it better to use tiger nuts or boilies?
English articles · 11. gennaio 2022
Best particles
Particles are a good alternative to boilies. Which of these is the best?
English articles · 10. gennaio 2022
Dosage of ingredients
Dosage of ingredients
English articles · 07. gennaio 2022
Boilies for acid and putrid bottoms
Which type of boilies is most effective on the acidic, smelly bottom?
English articles · 06. gennaio 2022
How to dose artificial flavourings
How to dose artificial flavourings? Find out in this article.
Ricette · 06. gennaio 2022
Big bulk easy way boilies
due ricette, una basic e l'altra più spinta realizzate con il big bulk easy way mix.

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